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Outlook signatures: Sign Your E-mail in Style

Have you ever noticed the fancy signature lines some people have at the foot of their emails? If you’d like one too – read on… Adding a signature to the foot of all your emails is a smart way to send important information with every email you write. A signature can include your email and website addresses and it can include other information – in a business situation that may be your phone number or street addre...

Make a Year Calendar with the Word Calendar Wizard

With the new year just around the corner it’s a great time to create a Calendar for 2015 and Microsoft Word has a great tool you can use and which does most of the work for you. To get started in Microsoft Word, choose File > New and click in the search box. Type calendar and click to search for Calendar templates. When you do this you should see the Calendar Wizard appear in the list. Click the Calendar Wizard to...

Quickly Format an Excel Worksheet

Much of the time when you are using Microsoft Excel you will be working with a list of data. This data will look more attractive and be easier to work with if it is neatly formatted. Unfortunately the formatting that you can apply using Cell Styles in Microsoft Excel is time consuming to use if you have a sizeable list of data to format. There is, however, a handy workaround that we’ve discovered so we’ll let you in on the s...

Send Large Files Safely

Have you ever encountered problems when sending a large file via email, such as one containing lots of images? It’s a problem that a lot of people encounter. The reason is that e-mail delivery is limited to smaller file sizes so it is not designed for sending large files such as videos, large photos and documents containing lots of pictures. When you need to send large files it’s best to use a professional file transfer too...

Give a photo Pizzazz with Text and a Border

Before you share your favorite photos with family and friends why not give them some extra pizzazz? You can add a funny comment, some descriptive text, or even add a photo border for more visual appeal. We’ll show you how to do this, step by step and we’ll do it using the free program which can be downloaded from In Issue 1 we explained how to download and install this program....

Teach Microsoft Word to spell

The spellchecker in Microsoft Word is a great for weeding out those spelling errors that just seem to happen however hard you try to avoid them. However the spelling tool is only as good as the list of words that Microsoft Word uses to compare your text against. So, your surname, the street you live in and your city will, likely as not, be reported as spelling errors even when spelled correctly. Luckily you can add your own words to the...
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