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Find a Recently Visited Website

Have you ever experienced the situation where you know that you visited a website recently but you can’t remember what the site was and you are having difficulty finding it? Luckily Internet Explorer keeps a history of the websites that you’ve visited and you can view this history list to find sites you have visited recently. To view the history list of sites you have visited, click the Star shaped button at the fa...

Track Your Home Appliances

For insurance purposes as well as for your own records it is useful to have a list of your home contents and appliances. Keeping track of the items you own is made easy with a home contents inventory list. We’ve found a handy list that you can download and use in Excel to get started with creating your own home contents inventory. Open Microsoft Excel and choose File > New. Click in the Search box and type home invento...

Organize your email

When your email is getting out of control you can organize it into folders so it is easier to find messages when you need them. All the emails that you receive in Outlook will land in your Inbox. Over time your Inbox can become cluttered with lots of messages and this can make it difficult for you to find what you want when you need it. The solution is to create folders inside Outlook and to move e-mails out of your inbox and into these...

Zoom in for a Better View

When things are too small on the screen to see clearly why not make them larger by zooming in? Most programs including your favorite web browser will have keystrokes or options you can use to zoom in closer. Your mouse may even have a special scroll wheel that you can use in many programs too. Here are some ways to zoom in to see things at a bigger size in those programs you use most often. If you have a scroll wheel on your m...

Better Browsing with Internet Explorer

If you use Internet Explorer as your browser here are some handy tips that you can put to use today to improve your browsing experience. Open a New Tab Often you will want to open a link that you find in a new browser tab. You can do this by right clicking the link and choose Open in New Tab. Internet Explorer will open a new tab to show the page so you have both the original and the new page available to view. Scroll Back...
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