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Positioning a picture in Word

Once you have inserted an image into a Word document, there are several ways you can position it and control how any text in your document should be arranged to accommodate the image. By default Word inserts pictures in line with text which means the image is fixed to the line of text it was inserted into and will move up and down the page as more text is added or removed above it. The text doesn’t nicely wrap around the image in ...

Getting text into columns in Excel

If you use online banking, most banks allow you to download your bank movements or statements in Excel format, however usually the information is in CSV format and may not display in neat columns as we would expect it to. CSV stands for “Comma Separated Values” and is actually a file type that is often used by websites to provide tabulated information, such as a bank statement, but in a format different programs can open and...

Finding and Deleting Duplicate files

Unless you have been very disciplined with your file system on your computer, you may find that over time you have stored multiple copies of the same file, but in different folders on your computer. Unless intentional, this is using up storage space and is difficult to solve without some help. Perhaps the biggest culprits for duplicate files are our photos. Because they are transferred from a camera or phone, we could transfer the same ...

Cleaning your laptop

It’s not long before you end up with a laptop that has collected dust and crumbs between the keys, and the screen covered with smudges. Thankfully all you need is a few household cleaning items and a bit of patience to get your laptop sparkling clean again. Before you start cleaning your laptop you must ensure it is completely turned off and the power cord unplugged, and if possible, the battery removed. Throughout the cleaning pr...

Get reminders by email is a service that allows you to include one of their special email addresses in an email which will trigger an email reminder on the date or time you have specified. For example if you send an email to you will get a reminder in 5 days. Before you can start using the service, you need to register on their website, but once you have, this tool is very easy to use and because the reminders are sent ...

Synchronize two folders (SyncToy)

To synchronize two folders in basic terms means to update one or both of the folders so they both contain the same set of folders and files. It is a great way to keep two copies of folders and files without making a new copy each time you need to update it. SyncToy is an old Microsoft program that will inspect two folders and work out which files need to be added or deleted so both folders contain an identical set of folders and files, ...
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