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Online Backup with Carbonite

If you have a lot of photos and other valuable documents stored on your computer then an automatic backup will be more efficient than trying to backup manually. Most automatic backup tools nowadays backup using the internet so your files are stored safely online. If you lose your computer or if it is damaged, stolen or your hard drive fails you can get your files back from the online storage. What’s particularly valuable about onl...

Home Decoration Inspiration at Houzz

Do you need help decorating your new house, designing a room or purchasing a gift? Sites like our favorite give you all this and more. They provide a one stop resource for planning and exploring designs and products. The inspiration behind is that it is a place where you can browse and save beautiful home photos, explore designs and ideas and even find construction professionals to help do the work. This month we&rsq...

Crop a Photo in Microsoft Word

Sometimes photos have other elements around the subject which distract from it. It might be people in the photo who aren’t relevant to the photo or it may be unwanted elements in an image you have taken or downloaded. You can get rid of these in Microsoft Word using the Crop tool. To crop a photo in a Word document click on the photo so that you have it selected. Click the Picture Tools > Format tab and locate the Crop icon...

Removing Blemishes from Your Photos

Do you have photos where your friends and family have red eyes? Would you like to remove a trash can, tourists or even a date stamp from a photo to make it look more attractive? If your photos have problems that you’d like to fix or to remove then you can do so using We introduced in Issue 1 and showed you how to download and install it. In this issue we’ll show you some tools that help you sho...

Make Pictures Look Like Art

Make Pictures Look Like Art It’s a great idea to add photos to letters you write in Word and pictures to your school assignments. Pictures make your documents come alive and they help you illustrate what you are saying. Microsoft Word has some fun tools that you can use to add effects and borders to your photos. Here’s how: Click on an image in a Word document and from the Ribbon choose Picture Tools > Format tab...

Protect What is Precious to You

What will happen to you if, one day, your computer doesn’t start? What would happen if it were destroyed by fire or stolen? While it’s easy to replace a computer it’s often impossible to replace the photos, documents and other information you have stored on it. In short, the more information you store on your computer the more you have at risk if your computer fails. Because of this it is important to keep a backup of ...
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