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Track Home Maintenance Tasks

Keeping your house well maintained requires organization and effort. While we can’t help you with the actual maintenance we can help you keep track of the tasks that need to be done and when they need attention. You can do this using an Excel worksheet that is free to download and use and it is available for Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. To find the worksheet, open Excel and choose File > New (in Excel 2007 click the Of...

Take a Picture of What’s On your Screen

If you need assistance to solve a computer problem you can help the person helping you if you take a picture of your screen. In this way you can show them what the problem looks like so they can understand it more easily. You may also want to capture a picture of your screen to record the information on it such as details of an online purchase. When you take a picture of the screen the picture it is saved on the Windows Clipboard. This ...

Print Your Calendar

If you use the Outlook Calendar to organize your life you may wish to have a printed copy of the calendar to take with you on holidays or if you are away from your computer for a time. Outlook has a handy feature which lets you print a copy of your calendar. Inside Outlook click Calendar to view your calendar. If you have more than one calendar then click the checkbox for the calendar to use from those listed in your My Calendars li...

Groceries Delivered to Your Door

Do you hate having to do grocery shopping? Are you housebound and unable to get out? Or could you simply make better use of your time? In most big cities and many smaller ones your local supermarket will let you order online and it will deliver your week’s shopping to your front door. Buying groceries online is handy if time is short or if you can’t get to the store. You can do it regularly or just occasionally and it is eas...

Easy Photo Edits

Most photos can benefit from some simple photo edits. From cropping the image to adjusting its brightness you can easily improve the look of your favorite photos using photo editing software. Most photo editing software has tools for the fixes we will be looking at. We’re using which is free and which can be downloaded from In last month’s newsletter we covered the process of downloading and installing t...

Get Your Photos Onto Your Computer

Get Your Photos Onto Your Computer Once you’ve taken photos on your camera, your next challenge is to get them onto your computer where you can look at them and print them. Luckily you probably already have everything you need to get your photos onto your computer. Here’s how to do it: With clean hands, carefully remove the storage card from your camera and place it in the appropriate slot in your computer. Never fo...
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