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Reminders in Outlook

If you use Outlook for email and organizing your schedule, why not use it to remind you of things you need to remember too. If you use Outlook for your email, chances are that you have it open as you work so you will see when new emails arrive. If Outlook is open then any reminders that are set in Outlook will be displayed as you work. This makes Outlook a handy tool for ensuring that you don’t forget important tasks such as order...

Manage Your Family Budget in Excel

Proper financial planning is essential for keeping a handle on your finances. With a yearly budget you will see your anticipated expenses so you can ensure you will have the funds available to meet your needs. This month we have a handy Excel template you can download to use to track your family budget. Click here to download the budget for your version of Excel. It will help if you gather up last year’s bills and bank statements ...

De-clutter Your Desktop

Is your computer’s desktop getting a little messy? Are your icons all higgledy piggledy? If you’re ready to restore order and clean up your desktop you can do so. Before you start organizing desktop icons it is important you understand what they represent. Icons with a small arrow in the bottom left of the icon image are shortcut icons and they can be safely be removed. Other icons represent programs or files and should not ...

Making Photo Prints Online

These days printed photos are a rare luxury and anyone who receives them will surely appreciate them. While sending photos by email is how most people share photos, you can wow your friends and family with real prints and you can arrange it all from the convenience of your own living room using your computer. There are many online photo printing sites that will print your photos as well as create fun photo gifts such as calendars, mugs,...

Searching smarter with Google

Google is the world’s biggest search engine and it helps you find information on the internet. Learning how to search effectively using Google will ensure you find what you want quickly. To get started launch your favorite browser and go to Type the information you are looking for into the search box. So, if you want to find information about Thomas Edison, type “Thomas Edison”. Using the quote marks tells Go...
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