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Fun image effects with

Adding effects to your photos such as making them black and white or giving them an oil painting or sepia look is fun and creative. Programs like the free photo management and editing tool - include lots of effects you can use to be more creative with your photos. To use you’ll need to install it so click here to download it. Once downloaded, double click the zip file to extract the installation program and the...

Take your reminder list with you

One useful feature of the web is that you can save information online so you can access it wherever you happen to be. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. A reminder or to do list is something you may want to view anytime. An online to do list manager will store your list online for you so you can view it from any computer. You can write your list at home and view and update it at work. You can also share your list ...

Create your own custom grocery list

Do you carefully compile a shopping list before heading to the supermarket each week? How much easier would this task be if you just checked off items on a list? A shopping list created in Microsoft Excel can be printed to take shopping with you. It will double as a list as well as a reminder of things you might need to buy. To make your list you can use an Excel template so launch Excel and in Excel 2007 click the Office butto...

Web browsing save your favorite sites

As you’re browsing the internet with Internet Explorer or another internet browser you will sometimes find a site that you want to visit again in the future. You can make this site easier to find again if you save the site as a Favorite or if you bookmark it. Internet Explorer calls saved sites Favorites - Chrome and Firefox call them Bookmarks but all are the same thing. To save a site, first visit that site so it is on ...

Share photos via e-mail

Share photos via e-mail Taken a great photo that you want to share with family and friends? Well sending it to them via email is easier than you might think. Here’s how: Start by clicking the Start button in the bottom left of the screen. In Windows XP click My Pictures, in Windows Vista click Documents and then Pictures and in Windows 7 click Pictures. Now click on the folder that contains the photo that you wan...
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