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Recover forgotten passwords

Your computer is set up to save many different passwords, from your email address password in Outlook, through to your Wi-Fi network password in Windows. At some point someone may ask for your Wi-Fi password or you need your email password. If you don’t have it, here are some tips for you. It’s needless to say these tools need to be used responsibly without infringing on other peoples privacy. None of these tools actually ha...

Learn a new language online

Whether it be through need or for a hobby, learning a new language is never easy for adults, however there are audio and online programs that try and make this as easy as possible for us, and one of them is called Duolingo. Duolingo is an online program that teaches a handful of languages through interactive activities that are easy to follow and set out almost like a game, where you clock up points and other digital rewards as you make...

Make a chart in Excel

Charts are an excellent way to display data in a visual way and bring it into context. Although charts are more common place in the business world, we can still use charts to analyse expenses or even track our weight, so here is how you do that in Excel. It’s important to choose the right type of chart for your data, for example although a bar chart could be used to plot you weight over time, a line chart would be the best choice,...

Calculate times in Excel

At some point you will need to work out the difference between two times or sum up a list of times. Adding up hours and minutes separately is time consuming even with a calculator, so Excel is a natural choice for this job, once you know how. Calculating times in Excel is relatively easy, and useful – you can use this technique on a timetable or timesheet to calculate time between two times, and then use a formula to tally up tota...

LibreOffice: like Microsoft Office, but free

When you purchased your computer, you most likely had the additional expense of buying Microsoft Office, which comes in different version. If you purchased a basic version, it’s likely you don’t have programs such as PowerPoint, so this free software could be just what you need. LibreOffice is a set of programs very similar to Microsoft Office, although it doesn’t include an equivalent to Outlook, it has programs that ...

Schedule an event at a time that works for all

If you have to bring a group of busy people together, trying to find a date and time that works for all can be quite a time consuming activity, involving several emails and phone calls back and forward; that is unless you are using Doodle. is like a poll that allows you to set up several options for dates and times for your event, providing you a link that you can send to all the intended participants. Once they click the lin...
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