Online Training for Office 2010

Online Training for Office 2010
1-9 $159.00
10-19 $149.00
20+ $139.00


About This Product


UpSkillGuide's Office 2010 Online Training enhances efficiency in your organization. By providing additional training for your team on the most commonly used Microsoft Office programs, you can gain nearly a full week of productivity.


How? Our research revealed that we average three hours a day using the Microsoft Office suite, a significant amount of our actual working time. With just 5% improvement in your team’s efficiency with the Microsoft Office Suite, you recover ten minutes a day of productivity. Ten minutes a day is 50 minutes a week, 200 minutes a month, and ultimately, 2,400 minutes a year, a full working week.

Program Highlights:

UpSkillGuide's Office 2010 Online Training has many interactive lessons for Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word. Each of these courses is available separately, but when you invest in this course bundle, you get access to all four for less than if you purchased them individually. Students enjoy self-directed learning with access to the course for six months from the date of enrollment. You and your team can stay apprised of their progress with our monthly report via email.

For information on the individual course content included in UpSkillGuide's Office 2010 Online Training click on the links below:

Online Training for Excel 2010 - 14 chapters, 134 tutorials
Online Training for Outlook 2010 - 14 chapters, 136 tutorials
Online Training for Word 2010 - 16 chapters, 164 tutorials
Online Training for PowerPoint 2010 - 16 chapters, 124 tutorials
Online Training for Access 2010 - 9 chapters, 99 tutorials


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