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UpSkillGuide's Super Package 2016 Online Training is the ultimate way to upgrade your team’s skills with the latest and greatest upgrade of Microsoft Office covering most programs - an advance on our excellent Office Packages.  Designed to enhance efficiency in your organization, UpSkillGuide’s Super Package 2016 training helps upgrade your team’s productivity when you upgrade their software. 

According to our research, your team members average three hours a day using Microsoft Office products. If each of them improves his or her efficiency by  5% after completing UpSkillGuide’s Super Package 2016 online training, you would recover ten minutes a day of his or her productivity.  Saving ten minutes a day equates to saving 50 minutes weekly, 200 minutes monthly, or 2,400 minutes annually. That’s the equivalent of a full work week gained in productivity each year, per individual.

Program Highlights:

UpSkillGuide's Super Package 2016 Online Training trains on most of the programs in the Microsoft Office suite, including: Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Project, and OneNote.  Although each of these programs is available as a standalone training, investing in the Super Package bundle gives you access to all seven for less than if purchased separately.

Our training is self-directed.  #NEW & IMPROVED!  You now have access to the programs for nine months from the date you enroll, so participants can schedule training around their other work responsibilities.  Also, you and the participant will receive a monthly report via email to stay informed of his or her progress.

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