Tip 278 – Hide an email account in the BlackBerry Hub

DOWNLOAD PDF To help reduce distractions in the BlackBerry 10 Hub, if you have multiple email accounts set up, you can hide emails from a particular account, such as a personal email address. Open the Hub menu by pressing the three dots in the bottom right corner of the Hub. Select Settings and then select […]

Tip 274 – Format an email in BlackBerry 10

DOWNLOAD PDF We usually think of plain text emails when it comes to BlackBerry but you can actually format your emails if you need a more professional looking email. When creating your email, press the pen nib icon and an extra bar with formatting options will appear. Here you can change the colour of your […]

Tip 272 – Quickly attach an attachment to a new email in BlackBerry 10

DOWNLOAD PDF If you received a file by email on your BlackBerry that you need to attach to another email, rather than download the attachment, save it, and then attach it to the email, go to the new email, select the attachment icon and select the “Hub Attachments” option. This will display a list of […]

Tip 270 – Keep conversations together in BlackBerry 10

DOWNLOAD PDF By default the BlackBerry 10 hub displays messages in the order they were received. If you have conversations by email, you may want to keep all messages related to that conversation together, you can change this setting. Open the Hub, open the menu by pressing the button in the bottom right-hand corner, select […]

Tip 266 – Find related messages in BlackBerry Hub

DOWNLOAD PDF If there have been several emails coming and going about a topic and you want to find them all in BlackBerry Hub, press and hold one of the emails in the conversation until a side panel on the right opens up. Release your hold on the email and the panel will fully open. […]

Tip 261 – Share a file with meeting attendees with BlackBerry

DOWNLOAD PDF We often take a picture of the whiteboard with our phones. If you used a calendar invite to call the meeting, open the picture and press the round Share button. On the next screen select “Meeting Participants” and finally select the meeting to send the picture by email to everyone included in the […]

Tip 256 – Quickly move between messages in BlackBerry

DOWNLOAD PDF If your BlackBerry is using the new BlackBerry 10 operating system and you have a touch screen, you may be able to move between messages by swiping from right to left, then either up, to move to the next message, or down to move to the previous message. This swipe is like an […]

Tip 253 – Quickly filter messages using the BlackBerry Hub pinch filter

DOWNLOAD PDF For BlackBerry 10 users with touch screens, open the BlackBerry hub, which displays your messages, slide your fingers together like a pinch and the €Pinch Filter€ will be applied. By default this filters out any read messages, but you can change how this filter works by going to Menu > Settings > Display […]

Tip 246 – Use BlackBerry Autocorrect to save time typing common phrases

DOWNLOAD PDF If you have phrases you often use on your BlackBerry, such as your address or phone number, set these up with a shortcut you type to insert them, rather than typing the full phrase. On your BlackBerry, go to Settings > Language and Input > Prediction and Correction > Word Substitution > Add […]

BlackBerry 10: Send your location through BBM

Before cell phones, if you broke down on the side of the road, there wasn’t much you could do to get in touch with friends or family. Today if you have a BlackBerry, you can easily send a signal through BBM that will show someone exactly where you are on a map. This feature may […]