Synchronize two folders (SyncToy)

To synchronize two folders in basic terms means to update one or both of the folders so they both contain the same set of folders and files. It is a great way to keep two copies of folders and files without making a new copy each time you need to update it. SyncToy is an […]

Access the Same Files on Multiple Computers

If you wish to make files on your computer accessible on other computers, whether it be another of your own computers, or a family member’s computer on the other side of the world, you can easily do this using Dropbox. When you share a Dropbox folder with someone, the contents of that folder will be […]

Share Files Safely with Others

When you need to share a document such as a Word file or an Excel worksheet with someone, you want them to be able to view the file. In many cases, if you share a file created using a program like Word, PowerPoint or Excel the person receiving the file will need to have that […]