Printing settings

Although most times, simply pressing the print button, selecting the printer and clicking the ok button is good enough to print out a document, but you can change the settings to print particular pages, or save ink by using a lower quality print. There will be settings that are specific to your printer, for example […]

Keep the Kids Entertained

It’s a great idea to have things on hand ready for the kids or grandkids to do when they have some free time. If you want to entertain children doing something other than playing on the computer there are a many websites that provide printable worksheets, colouring sheets and even instructions for making crafts. These […]

How to set up your new printer

When you get your new printer you need to install it. Here is how to set it up for use. The first step when you get your new printer is to open the Getting Started Guide and follow the instructions there. If you do the steps out of order your printer may not install correctly. […]