Log into your computer with a Picture

A new security feature was introduced in Windows 8 that allows you to log into your computer by “drawing” a series of taps, swipes or circles onto a picture using your finger (for touch screens) or your mouse, rather than typing in a password. The system uses a picture, any picture you choose, and you […]

Save passwords with LastPass

Professional advice, and even this very newsletter, suggests using a password made up of a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters, and to use a different password for each website you register on, but how do you remember not only one, but multiple passwords and which one you used for each […]

Recover forgotten passwords

Your computer is set up to save many different passwords, from your email address password in Outlook, through to your Wi-Fi network password in Windows. At some point someone may ask for your Wi-Fi password or you need your email password. If you don’t have it, here are some tips for you. It’s needless to […]

Password Protect files

At some point you may need to create a document with sensitive information in it that needs to be protected from unauthorized access. While it is not possible to password protect an entire folder without special software, here is how to protect individual files. Before we start, a word on security. Password protecting a file […]