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Tip 304 – Quickly insert a hyperlink

DOWNLOAD PDF Next time you need to insert a hyperlink in an email or document, simply press the CTRL and K keys together to open the Hyperlink dialogue box.  

Tip 303 – Use a name instead of an address

DOWNLOAD PDF Cells already have addresses, such as A1, but you can assign names to single cells or multiple cells that you can then use in formulas instead of their

Tip 302 – Quickly create a dividing line

DOWNLOAD PDF To quickly create a dividing line in Word or in Outlook, type three hyphens (—) then press Enter. You can also use three tildes (~), underscores (_), asterisks

Tip 301 – Open folder in new Window

DOWNLOAD PDF From the File Explorer view you can open a new folder without leaving the folder you are viewing. Right click the folder you want to open from the

Tip 299 – Find and Replace with formatted text

DOWNLOAD PDF If you wish to change all the references to your businesses name in a Word document so that they are formatted in a particular way (bold, colour, font

Tip 298 – Easily repeat title rows on printed pages

DOWNLOAD PDF If you have a large list of data to print off on multiple pages and want to see the column headings or titles on each page, go to

Tip 297 – Quickly copy animations in PowerPoint

DOWNLOAD PDF In PowerPoint, once you have set up animations on a particular object you can quickly copy it to other objects in the file using the Animation Painter. Click

Tip 296 – Easily analyse data by month

DOWNLOAD PDF If you need to summarize a set of data by month, insert a new column next to the date column and enter this formula: =month(A1) to extract the

Tip 295 – Process email quicker by changing sort order

DOWNLOAD PDF If you have been away from your desk for a couple of days, rather than processing your emails in date order, sort them by the senders name, that

Tip 294 – Quickly convert a range to a table

DOWNLOAD PDF Converting a range to a table gives you instant filters and totals for each column. To do this quickly, select the cells you want to convert to a

Tip 293 – Quickly Delete all Images in a Sheet

DOWNLOAD PDF When you copy and paste information from a brochure or website, you may also paste icons or images you then need to remove. Rather than deleting each one

Tip 292 – View two sheets from the same workbook, side by side

DOWNLOAD PDF If you need to see two sheets from the same workbook side by side, open one of the sheets and click on the View tab. Click the “New