Cleaning your laptop

It’s not long before you end up with a laptop that has collected dust and crumbs between the keys, and the screen covered with smudges. Thankfully all you need is a few household cleaning items and a bit of patience to get your laptop sparkling clean again. Before you start cleaning your laptop you must […]

External storage devices

There are so many different types of external storage devices, known as external hard drives, pen drives or flash drives, that choosing the right one for your needs may be overwhelming. Knowing a few key points about them will make your decision the right one. An external hard drive is a device that can plug […]

How to save files onto a CD

Although it sounds nothing like it, when you save files onto a CD, it is called “Burning a CD”. Although CDs have mostly been replaced with online storage, they are still a cheap and disposable way of physically sharing files with others, especially if you need to send them in the post. CDs do not […]

Improving visibility with an external monitor

If you own a small laptop, you can make it easier to use by purchasing and plugging in an external monitor, which will provide you with a larger display area and the larger text and menu items will be easier to see. Windows provides settings to control what your second monitor will display. You can […]

Managing wireless connections

A wireless network, or Wi-Fi as it is also called, gives you the liberty to stay connected to the internet nearly anywhere in the house. This article explains what you need to know to connect to, and manage, your wireless connections. Internet is usually provided to you as a service, just like your electricity and […]

Touch Screen vs Regular Screen

Touch screens are now becoming more common on laptops and tablets, and in this article we look at potential advantages touch screens could bring for some users. A regular screen is purely visual, and you use your mouse to select things on your computer. A touch screen allows you to touch and tap the actual […]