Tip 304 – Quickly insert a hyperlink

DOWNLOAD PDF Next time you need to insert a hyperlink in an email or document, simply press the CTRL and K keys together to open the Hyperlink dialogue box.  

Tip 302 – Quickly create a dividing line

DOWNLOAD PDF To quickly create a dividing line in Word or in Outlook, type three hyphens (—) then press Enter. You can also use three tildes (~), underscores (_), asterisks (*), equal signs (=) or pound signs (#) to create different styles of lines.  

Tip 298 – Easily repeat title rows on printed pages

DOWNLOAD PDF If you have a large list of data to print off on multiple pages and want to see the column headings or titles on each page, go to the Page Layout tab and select “Print Titles”. Click the range selector button on the right hand side of the “Rows to repeat at top” […]

Tip 293 – Quickly Delete all Images in a Sheet

DOWNLOAD PDF When you copy and paste information from a brochure or website, you may also paste icons or images you then need to remove. Rather than deleting each one individually, press the CTRL and G keys together, select “Special” then “Objects” and click the OK button. All images will now be selected. Press the […]

Tip 284 – Quickly Undo multiple steps

DOWNLOAD PDF If you realize you’ve made a mistake in Excel or Word and have to undo multiple steps, rather than pressing the Undo icon or using the CTRL + Z shortcut multiple times, click the little down arrow next to the undo icon in the Quick Access Toolbar and select the point you want […]

Tip 280 – Delete entire words at a time

DOWNLOAD PDF When using the backspace key to delete characters in a Word document or an email, press and hold the CTRL key while using the backspace key to delete entire words at a time.  

Tip 271 – Repeat commands with the F4 key

DOWNLOAD PDF In Excel, Word or PowerPoint, if you need to repeat a command, such as deleting a row, or formatting a cell, do it once, and then just press the F4 key to repeat the command over and over again. This doesn’t work for every command in Microsoft Office, but experiment with the commands […]

Tip 268 – Quickly Split up text

DOWNLOAD PDF If you have a cell with a person’s name and surname and would like to separate the name and surname so they show in separate cells, select the column that contains the names, click the Data tab and select “Text to Columns”. Choose the delimited option and click Next. Usually the name and […]

Tip 254 – Quickly change the width of multiple columns

DOWNLOAD PDF To change the width of multiple columns, select the columns you wish to change by clicking on the column letter above row 1 and then change the width of one of them by clicking and dragging the boundary on the right side of the column heading until the column is the width you […]

Tip 252 – Quickly clear all applied filters

DOWNLOAD PDF In Excel you can apply filters to more than one column at a time. If you need to clear all filters, go to the Data Tab and select Clear from the Sort & Filter group.