Tip 297 – Quickly copy animations in PowerPoint

DOWNLOAD PDF In PowerPoint, once you have set up animations on a particular object you can quickly copy it to other objects in the file using the Animation Painter. Click the object that has the animations you want to copy, then click the Animation Painter icon on the Animations tab, and click the objects you […]

Tip 208 – Easily Save Fonts with a PowerPoint Presentation

DOWNLOAD PDF When you include the fonts used in a PowerPoint presentation in the saved file they’ll be available on any computer displaying that presentation. To do this, choose File > Save As and set the folder and filename as usual. Click Tools > Save Options and check the Embed fonts in the file option […]

Tip 202 – Quickly Change your Slide Layout in PowerPoint

DOWNLOAD PDF If you have a PowerPoint slide that has the incorrect layout you can easily change it. Right click the slide in the slide thumbnails and choose Layout and then choose an alternate layout. If the slide formatting doesn€t fit the new layout, reset it to the default by right clicking the slide thumbnail […]

Tip 199 – Quickly sort slides in PowerPoint using the Slide Sorter

DOWNLOAD PDF When you need to quickly reorder slides in PowerPoint presentation, use the Slide Sorter view. Click View > Slide Sorter and then size the screen so you can see the slides clearly. Now drag and drop the slides into your desired order. As you drag a vertical marker will show you where the […]

Tip 188 – Quickly Create Custom PowerPoint Handouts in Word

DOWNLOAD PDF If you want more feature rich PowerPoint handouts you can create them in Word instead of printing them from PowerPoint. To do this, open your PowerPoint file and choose File > Export (Save & Send in PowerPoint 2010) > Create Handouts and click the Create Handouts button. Select the layout best suited to […]

Tip 185 – Permanently Disable Hyperlinks in PowerPoint Presentations

DOWNLOAD PDF If you never (or seldom) need web and email links formatted to show as hyperlinks you can stop PowerPoint from automatically formatting them this way. Choose File > Options > Proofing > AutoCorrect Options and click the AutoFormat as You Type tab. Disable the Internet and network paths with hyperlinks checkbox and click […]

Tip 182 – Quickstart a PowerPoint Presentation using a Word File

DOWNLOAD PDF You can save time by preparing the outline of your presentation in Word and then send it to PowerPoint to create the slides. In Word create a document with the slide titles formatted using Heading1 style and the slide text as Heading2 style. Then, save the outline as a Word file. Launch PowerPoint […]

Tip 175 – Save Time by Printing Only Selected Slides in PowerPoint

DOWNLOAD PDF When you want to print only a subset of the slides in a PowerPoint presentation you can do so easily if you start in the Slide Sorter view. Select the slides to print € either by clicking the first and then Shift + Click to select a range of slides or click one […]

Tip 172 – Quickly Copy Formats from One PowerPoint Presentation to Another

DOWNLOAD PDF Using the Format Painter you can copy the formatting and layout style of an entire PowerPoint slide show. Start by opening both the slideshow to copy from and the one to copy to. Target the slideshow to copy the formatting to and press Control + A to select all its slides. Switch to […]

Using PowerPoint for easy graphics

PowerPoint is an easy and effective program to create graphics for all sorts of projects. What you can create is up to your imagination, but for home based projects such as homework or adding elements to a photo, PowerPoint is all you need. PowerPoint has an array of tool to create professional looking graphics which […]