Tip 301 – Open folder in new Window

DOWNLOAD PDF From the File Explorer view you can open a new folder without leaving the folder you are viewing. Right click the folder you want to open from the folder list panel or Quick Access list and select “Open in new window”.  

Tip 289 – Open pinned programs with a shortcut

DOWNLOAD PDF If you have pinned your most commonly used programs to your task bar, you can quickly open them by using a shortcut – press the Windows key together with a number that indicates the programs position on the task bar, starting from the left, for example if Internet Explorer is the second icon […]

Tip 287 – Click buttons using your keyboard

DOWNLOAD PDF Next time you need to select an option in a menu or popup window, rather the use the mouse see if the option you want to select has an underlined letter – if it has, pressing that key on your keyboard will usually do the same as clicking that option or button – […]

Tip 286 – Use double click instead of the OK button

DOWNLOAD PDF Next time you change a setting using a dialogue box, try double clicking your choice rather than selecting your choice and then clicking the OK button – in many cases this bypasses the need to click the OK button. Note: this doesn’t work for check boxes.  

Tip 265 – Assign a shortcut to a file

DOWNLOAD PDF If you have a file you use often, you can assign a shortcut which you can use no matter what you have open on your computer, and the file assigned to that shortcut will open. Copy the file and then right click somewhere and select “Paste Shortcut”. Right click the shortcut file and […]

Tip 248 – Save a screenshot to a folder

DOWNLOAD PDF Usually when you press the PrtScr button, the screenshot is saved to your clipboard, ready to paste into a document or email. To save the screenshot as an image, press the Windows button together with the PrtScr button. This will save the screenshot as an image in a Screenshots folder in your Pictures […]

Tip 247 – Quickly display two windows side by side

DOWNLOAD PDF If you need to see two files side by side, select the first one and press the Windows key together with the left arrow, and select the second file and press the Windows and right keys together.