About This Product

UpSkillGuide’s Super Package Online Training is the ultimate way to upgrade your team’s skills of all levels with the latest and greatest programs you need in an office, not only Microsoft Office covering most key programs but many key Google programs and other modules as well. Designed to enhance efficiency in your organization, UpSkillGuide’s Super Package training helps upgrade your team’s productivity when you upgrade their software.

Using easy-to-follow video-simulation lessons that you can take on your own computer, in your own time, you will learn the basics of Microsoft Office, Google programs and much more, right through to more advanced topics, such as Pivot Tables, and lookup formulas. Our complete package includes training for Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote, Access and Windows, including the most recent versions of Microsoft Office and Windows.

All UpSkill Guide courses come with 9 months access time including a portal dashboard providing excellent visual progress measures to drive accountability and completion rates. All trainees receive a PDF course book they can keep to refer to once the course is complete.