About This Product

The UpSkillHome is a newsletter with easy to follow computer tips for home users.

Whether you’re a housewife, stay at home dad, or you are retired and no longer at work, you have no doubt already discovered that even at home, computers can be very useful and help you be more efficient with tasks such as record keeping, book keeping, budgets, shopping, etc.

The home user may also want to use their computer for creative things as well, such as editing and enhancing photos, and then getting them printed as individual prints or even in a fancy scrapbook. When it comes to Microsoft Office, most newsletters are focused on Business tips, but the UpSkillHome is a newsletter which focuses on Microsoft Office and Computer Tips for Home Users like you.

What to people say about UpSkillHome?

“This is a great product! Well laid out and easy to follow”

“I could be less of a ‘burden’ on my offspring and could even be able to show them a thing or two!”

“Content is very good. I like the large range of topics from practical tips to learn your computer better”

“The content was easy to understand. Directions were good. Very attractive and well laid out”

It covers a wide range of computer tips for home users, including:

Using Microsoft Office to help with home management and chores – re-usable shopping lists, budgets, letters, emails, etc.

Photos – storing, sending and editing

Tools you can use on your computer

Keeping my information safe – backups, etc

Safe computer usage for the family, safe internet browsing, protecting yourself and yours when online, avoiding scams

Website reviews – reviews on useful websites and online tools for the home

Product Details

  • Delivered in PDF format once a month by email
  • 8 pages in full colour
  • Wide range of tips all carefully chosen for home users
  • 4 tips also include a video version of the tip
  • Includes access to the UpSkill helpdesk (for Microsoft Office questions only)


The price shown is per 3-months, in USD.