Tip 295 – Process email quicker by changing sort order

DOWNLOAD PDF If you have been away from your desk for a couple of days, rather than processing your emails in date order, sort them by the senders name, that way all emails from each person can be seen together and any follow-ups quickly identified and deleted or filed. Click the sort dropdown list at […]

Tip 291 – Send an email later

DOWNLOAD PDF To defer sending an email, once you have written your email, go to the Options tab and select Delay Delivery. This opens a window with a “Do not deliver before:” box. Enter the date and time you want to defer the message to, then click Close. Click Send and the message will stay […]

Tip 290 – Add a Back button to Outlook

DOWNLOAD PDF Just as the back button on your browser takes you back a step, the same button can be added to the Quick Access Bar in Outlook. Right click the Quick Access Bar and select “Customize Quick Access Toolbar”. Click the “Choose commands from” drop down list and select “All Commands”. Scroll down to […]

Tip 288 – Move an email with the Move tool

DOWNLOAD PDF Rather than manually moving emails to a folder, use the Move tool to quickly move emails to regularly used folders. Select the email, click the Move dropdown list on the home tab and select the folder.  

Tip 282 – Quickly enter times in Outlook

DOWNLOAD PDF When creating appointments and reminders in Outlook, to enter the time, use this shortcut: enter 5p for 5:00pm, 530p for 5:30pm, 6a for 6:00am, and so-on.  

Tip 273 – Avoid mishaps with a 5 minute delay

DOWNLOAD PDF Setting up Outlook to delay the delivery of your emails by 5 minutes gives you time to fix mistakes or stop an email from going should you change your mind. Click on the Rules menu and select “Manage Rules & Alerts”. Click the “New Rule” Button and select “Apply Rule to Messages I […]

Tip 263 – Ignore time wasting email conversations

DOWNLOAD PDF We often get copied in on an email conversations we want nothing to do with, that only clutter up our inbox with all the replies from those involved. If you are faced with this dilemma, select a message in the conversation and click the Ignore button on the home tab. That email plus […]

Tip 262 – Quickly save an email to a windows folder

DOWNLOAD PDF If you have an email in Outlook you would like to save in a Windows folder, maybe together with other project documents, simply select the email (or emails) in Outlook, press the CTRL and C keys to copy them, open the Windows folder where you want to store them and press the CTRL […]

Tip 260 – Use Quick Parts instead of distribution lists

DOWNLOAD PDF Rather than use distribution lists to send an email to a group of people, set up a Quick Step to create an email and address it to a set group of people with one click. On the home tab, select Create New from the Quick Steps section. Give it an appropriate name, select […]

Tip 257 – Group emails to easily find related emails

DOWNLOAD PDF Usually you would group your emails in date order, but grouping them by subject or by the “from” or “to” address can be useful to easily see related messages grouped together for a specific task. Simply click the drop down list at the top of your list of messages and select one of […]