The spreadsheet evolved but we didn’t

Prior to 3000BC, there was really no need for spreadsheets.  It was a world without money where the standard practise was to barter. Humans of those days bartered anything they had at hand.  Different ones produced different things and services and swapped them for other things they needed to get through.  While this worked for […]

Reduce the time you spend answering emails

Watch this short video which shows a technique I use to reduce the time it takes me to write many of my emails by up to 2 thirds!     Here are the links from the video:

11 basic Excel tricks that really will change your life

Business Insider recently published an article, which you can read here, which claims to give you 11 basic Excel tricks which will change your life – I have to disagree on some of them – here’s each of the tips they gave, and what we think they should have told you about. Excel Trick 1) […]

Excel Helpdesk – our support statistics

Our Microsoft Office helpdesk service is a valuable tool for busy professionals who don’t have time to try and find an answer themselves – of course, people are impatient and want an answer immediately – we’ve been working on making it easy for you to ask a question, and doing our best to respond as […]

Excel Helpdesk: Case study of business automation

Neil from Labetts is a subscriber to our Excel helpdesk, or Excel consultancy service, as I like to call it, so he had the immediate attention of our helpdesk to help him with his challenge: how to streamline the order processing system in their business. The advantage of using Excel to automate your tasks is […]

Its an unfair world – do the work of three people

It’s all about working smarter, not harder.  But it’s not the case in every office – you’ve got the hard worker – concentrated on his screen, hardly talking, phone off the hook to avoid distractions – cell phone firmly in its pouch, in his back pocket, ringer off – and he’s churning out sales proposals.  […]