Tip 299 – Find and Replace with formatted text

DOWNLOAD PDF If you wish to change all the references to your businesses name in a Word document so that they are formatted in a particular way (bold, colour, font size, etc.), format one of the references the way you want it to appear, then copy it. Press the CTRL and H keys together and […]

Tip 281 – Quickly Insert a Date in Word

DOWNLOAD PDF To quickly insert a date in Word, position your cursor where the date is to appear, go to the Insert menu and click the Date & Time button in the Text group. A pop-up window will appear allowing you to select and insert the date in several different formats.  

Tip 264 – Quickly select an entire sentence

DOWNLOAD PDF If you need to edit an entire sentence in Word, press the CTRL key and click anywhere in the sentence and the sentence will be selected ready to move, delete, format or perform other actions on.  

Tip 229 – Quickly Move a Paragraph or a Table Row in a Word Document

DOWNLOAD PDF You can move a paragraph or a table row in a Word document by first positioning the insertion point in the paragraph or row to move. Press Shift + Alt + Up Arrow to move the paragraph or row up the document. Press Shift + Alt + Down Arrow to move the paragraph […]

Tip 227 – Quickly change line spacing in Word

DOWNLOAD PDF To change the spacing between lines in paragraphs of text in Word, first click inside the paragraph or select multiple paragraphs. From the Home tab of the Ribbon locate the Paragraph group of options and click to open the Line Spacing dropdown menu. Choose 1.0 for single spacing, 1.15 for a slightly larger […]

Tip 226 – Quickly add the File Name and Path to a Word Document Footer

DOWNLOAD PDF To add the file name and path to the footer of a Word document, first make sure the document has been saved. Then choose Insert > Footer > Edit Footer. In Word 2013 locate the Document Info drop down list and, from it, select the File Path option. In Word 2007 & 2010, […]

Tip 219 – Quickly Center a Table in a Word Document

DOWNLOAD PDF By default, tables in a Word document are aligned to the left margin. To center a table first select the table by placing your cursor somewhere inside the table and click the box in its top left corner. Alternately choose Table Tools > Layout tab and click Select > Table. Now, either press […]

Tip 181 – Simplify Text Entry in a Word Template

DOWNLOAD PDF To indicate where text is to be typed in a Word template add a click here block. Click where the text goes and choose Insert > Quick Parts > Field. From the Categories list choose Document Automation and then choose MacroButton. Click Field Codes and replace the text after MacroButton with this text […]