Excel Helpdesk – our support statistics

Our Microsoft Office helpdesk service is a valuable tool for busy professionals who don’t have time to try and find an answer themselves – of course, people are impatient and want an answer immediately – we’ve been working on making it easy for you to ask a question, and doing our best to respond as […]

An IQ test that matters

Nearly every day I see a new IQ test on LinkedIn.  I don’t get them.  I haven’t ever participated in one, but hundreds of people do – pages and pages of comments under each one tells me that. Maybe I don’t have an IQ level? Did your boss check your IQ level before employing you? […]

Excel Timesheet Template – free for my LinkedIn connections

An Advanced Excel Timesheet Template for my LinkedIn 1st connections. I’ll be up front, right at the front – I am growing my LinkedIn network to increase awareness about our online courses for Microsoft Office and Windows. I recently passed the 500 connections mark, and in view of rewarding the many people who have connected […]

Excel Helpdesk: Case study of business automation

Neil from Labetts is a subscriber to our Excel helpdesk, or Excel consultancy service, as I like to call it, so he had the immediate attention of our helpdesk to help him with his challenge: how to streamline the order processing system in their business. The advantage of using Excel to automate your tasks is […]

Its an unfair world – do the work of three people

It’s all about working smarter, not harder.  But it’s not the case in every office – you’ve got the hard worker – concentrated on his screen, hardly talking, phone off the hook to avoid distractions – cell phone firmly in its pouch, in his back pocket, ringer off – and he’s churning out sales proposals.  […]

Planning your projects with an Excel Gantt Chart

When Gantt Charts where first created in the early 1900’s, they were considered very revolutionary, but these days there are a lot of software packages that allow you to easily create one – although a Gantt Chart in Excel is probably the most flexible and customizable of all Gantt Chart solutions. The Excel Gantt Chart […]