Improve your CV, add new skills with Online Microsoft Office courses

improve_cv_with_skillsQualifications & Skills are the second most important things employers look for on your CV. (source)

Microsoft Office skills can be appplied in many different positions, across many different industries, which gives you more opportunities.

As someone who is very skilled in Microsoft Office myself, you will be able to accomplish things in Microsoft Office quicker and at a better level than your piers that haven’t trained, giving you an unfair advantage.

Our online courses for Microsoft Office cover the basics right through to the advanced, and you get a certificate which you can include in your CV, not just as a skill (which anyone can do), but as an actual certification from us, proof for your potential employers that you really have acquired these skills.

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What others say about our courses:

 I like LearnIT’s ability to try and try again

excellent course – easy to follow and well laid out

Two days after completing the Excel lesson, I found some errors in an Excel work book, which  we use frequently, and was able to correct them myself, without calling in one of the others. The lessons have been informative and very worthwhile.

Those that are actually doing it are getting on great, the course is a lot more thorough than what I expected, and is really good, but we have a few, who haven’t even started yet which is a bit of a worry!!!

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