Better Browsing with Internet Explorer

If you use Internet Explorer as your browser here are some handy tips that you can put to use today to improve your browsing experience.

Open a New Tab
Often you will want to open a link that you find in a new browser tab. You can do this by right clicking the link and choose Open in New Tab. Internet Explorer will open a new tab to show the page so you have both the original and the new page available to view.

Scroll Backwards
Sometimes you’ll find that you’ll go from one site to the next looking at content and you get a long way from your starting point. At any time you can reverse one page at a time back through the pages you have browsed by clicking the Back button in the top left of the browser. Click the Forward button to move forward again.

Control your Tabs
If you browse using lots of browser tabs you can control your tabs by right clicking on any tab. Here you can close the current tab or open a new empty tab by clicking New Tab. You can also open a recently closed tab by selecting Recently Closed Tabs and select the tab that you want to reopen.

Find Your Downloads
If you download file from the internet and then wonder where it went you can find it easily with a single keystroke. Press Ctrl + J to view your all your downloads in a downloads panel.

If you want to find a particular word or phrase on a web page you can search for it. Press Ctrl + F to open a Find box. Type the text that you’re looking for into the box and click Next to view the first occurrence of the word on the page. Continue to click Next to go from one occurrence to the next, to go backwards, click Previous.