Connecting your BlackBerry to your computer

If you have a BlackBerry phone you can easily connect it to your computer using a USB cable to transfer your photos and videos across, as well as back up the information on your phone and synchronize the contacts on your phone with your Outlook contacts.

If you purchased your BlackBerry new, a USB cable is provided with the device that allows you to connect your BlackBerry and your computer. This is sometimes the same cable that is used to charge your phone using a special adaptor. While simply connecting your phone using this cable will charge the phone, by installing the BlackBerry software, you can do so much more with your computer.

Go to The download link on this page is for the older version of BlackBerry. If your phone is using the latest operating system called BlackBerry 10OS, click on the “Learn about Blackberry” link. Either way, click the “Download for PC” button to download the software. Once the download is complete, go to your downloads folder and double click the file to install it.

Now plug the USB cable into both the BlackBerry and the computer, using the smaller plug for the BlackBerry. Double click the BlackBerry icon (not the Blend icon) to start the software and follow the step by step instructions to connect your phone and computer. For the new version of the software you need to know your BlackBerry ID credentials to complete this step.

Now the software will automatically start to copy your photos, audio and video across to your computer. These files will be located in a BlackBerry folder in your Picture, Video and Music folders on your computer. To copy your contacts to and from your phone and Outlook, click “Contacts/Calendar” and click the configure button to set up this connection. Once completed, click the Sync Contacts button.

To create a backup of the data on your phone, click the “Back up & Restore” link and click the “Back up Device” button. A file containing your phone’s data will be saved in a folder called Backup, stored in a Blackberry folder in your documents. If you need to restore your phone, use the “Restore Device” button. The program will automatically fetch the available backup files for you.