DIY place cards in Microsoft Word

When you’re hosting an event where everyone will be seated at tables you can add some flair to the decorations with place cards. Place cards are easy to make and they can be personalized with each person’s name very easily.

To help you get started we have created a place card template file for you. We’ll show you how to download and open this template and how to type names into it. We’ll tell you how to print the place cards then all you need do is to cut and fold them.

To download your place card template launch Internet Explorer and type this into the address bar: Holder Templates.doc. When prompted to Open or Save the document, click Open and it will download and open automatically in Word. If it opens in the special Reader View, press Escape to return to Normal View.

Scroll through the document to see how it is laid out and choose the style of place card that you want to use. You will see that there are four of each style of place card on a page and there are names already in place. Select all the text for one of the names and start to type your first name. Notice that your typing replaces the existing text. Repeat this for all four names on the page.

If desired you can now select each of your names in turn and use the tools on the Home tab of the Ribbon to change the font and font size for the text. When choosing a font to use, choose one that complements the style of the place card border that you have chosen to use.

When you are done make sure you have your page of place cards visible on the screen and choose File > Print. From the Print All Pages list choose Print Current Page and click Print. You will get good results if you use a medium weight paper or even matte photo paper. Use scissors or a paper trimmer to cut out the place cards along the marked border and then fold along the dotted line.