Find a Recently Visited Website

Have you ever experienced the situation where you know that you visited a website recently but you can’t remember what the site was and you are having difficulty finding it?

Luckily Internet Explorer keeps a history of the websites that you’ve visited and you can view this history list to find sites you have visited recently.

To view the history list of sites you have visited, click the Star shaped button at the far right of the Internet Explorer address bar. You can also see this list if you press Alt + C.

This opens a tabbed panel where you’ll see Favorites, Feeds and History. Click the History tab and you’ll see the sites you visited Today, the last few days, last week, two weeks ago, three weeks ago and so on depending on how often you browse the web.

If you recall the approximate day that you visited the site you can look for it by clicking one of these date choices. You can also click the View by Date dropdown list and organize the list by selecting View by Site, View by Most Visited, View by Order Visited Today and you can also click Search History.

If you click Search History you can type a word that describes the site to search for it that way. Choose a word that is likely to appear in the page title to get the best chance of finding what you are looking for.

Be aware that any documents or images that you’ve viewed recently will also appear in the History list when you search it so take care to look for just the websites and ignore the files and folders that appear there.