Find the best seat on a plane with Seatguru

Frequent flyers know well that airplane seats are not made all equal; some terrible, others more comfortable. Often you don’t know how your seat will rate until you board, but not anymore! is a website that provides layouts of aircraft from all the main carriers with colour coding to indicate which seats to avoid, such as the ones close to the lavatories or window seats with no window, and which ones offer extra comfort. It also provides reviews from other passengers which help you make a wise seat selection.

Once you have booked your flights, go to and locate the “Find a seat map for your flight” box. Start typing the name of the airline you are flying with and click the name once it appears in the list. Enter the flight number and the date of your departure. Now click the Go button.

SeatGuru will now show you a list of flights that match the information you have provided. Depending on the flight, there may be only one option available. Click the “View Map” button on the right hand side of the list for your flight to see the seat layout map for the aircraft assigned to this flight.

Once the seat map is visible you will be able to see the location of the lavatories and the galleys. They can be noisy right through the flight. You will notice some of the seats are colour coded, green, red or yellow. Place your mouse over these seats to see comments as to why they have been marked.

On the right hand side there are comments from SeatGuru themselves which include general information about the aircraft itself, and just below that there are comments by passengers. Note that these comments are not necessarily about the same route you are flying, but they still may help you make a decision.