Fun with Creative Photo Editing

When you’re ready to go beyond basic edits and create some interesting effects with your photos there are some online programs that you can use. These programs work inside your web browser so, provided you have access to the internet, you can upload your photos and work with them online.

This month we’ll introduce you to one of our favorite programs – and we’ll show you how to apply some interesting effects to your photos.

Start in Internet Explorer and visit Click the upload button and select Desktop to upload a photo from your computer. Browse to your My Pictures folder and click to select the photo to use. Now click Open to upload it to and it will appear on the screen.

On the left are the fixing tools which are arranged in groups. Click the second group to get access to Featured Effects. Effects marked with a star are only available if you upgrade to the paid option, so look for those without a star. Effects that we like include Instant, Holgaart, Lomo Art, and Color Pinhole all of which mimic the look of an old film camera.

When you click an effect a pop-out panel will appear with additional options for adjusting the image such as adjusting the border, the amount of the effect and so on. Use these to adjust the effect to your taste and click Apply to apply it to your photo. At any time you can click Undo at the top of the screen to revert to the original image.

You can save the image back to your computer by clicking the Save button, click Yes in the box opposite Desktop and click Save to save it to your computer. Saving the photo as a JPG file is a good choice so select that option and click Save. Now choose a place such as My Pictures to save the photo to and click Save to finish.
In future issues we will return to this program and show you other things that you can do with it.