Get a New Gmail E-mail Address

If you want a new or second e-mail address you can sign up for a free Gmail e-mail address from Google. When you create a new Gmail e-mail address you can access e-mails you receive either through Outlook or using Internet Explorer, or both.

We’ll show you how to get a new Gmail e-mail address and how to get started with Gmail. Elsewhere in this issue we’ll show you how to set up your new Gmail e-mail address in Outlook and in Windows Mail.

Launch Internet Explorer and go to If you already have a Gmail account you will need to sign out of it to be able to create a new account. Click Create an Account and then complete the details for your account including creating a username and password. Make sure to record your username and password in a safe place.

When you click Next Step your account will be created and you have the option of creating a public profile. Click No Thanks to move past this step. You can now click Continue to Gmail to view your e-mail.

A short Getting Started guide appears on the screen which you should read to familiarize yourself with the interface. You will have received some e-mails in your Inbox from the Gmail team which contain more information about Gmail.

When you click your Inbox you will see three tabs – Primary tab, Social and Promotions. Your important e-mails should appear in the Primary tab. If e-mails appear in other tabs and you want them in the Primary tab, drag the message from that other tab and drop it onto the Primary tab. You’ll be asked if all messages from this sender in future should appear in this tab – answer Yes if appropriate.
Spam emails are undesirable emails sent to you without your permission. Periodically check your Spam folder which you will find by clicking More > Spam on the left of the screen. Gmail should trap most spam but occasionally you may find a ligitimate e-mail you want stuck in your Spam folder. To get it out, click the e-mail and click the Not Spam button. This moves it to your Inbox.