Get Help Navigating Time Zones

Do you get confused trying to calculate times in other time zones? If so, we can help.

When you have friends and family living overseas you will often need to determine what the time is in another country. If you don’t check before phoning, you run the risk of calling them at an inappropriate hour. To help you work out the time in other time zones we recommend the website which has lots of handy time related tools.

Open Internet Explorer and type the address to visit the site. This site is free and there is no need to register to use it. In the top left of the screen you will see the current time in your location.

To check the current time in another time zone, click in the World Clock box, type the city and country and then click Go. The World Clock tab opens to show the time in that location as well as other useful information such as the weather, currency and dialing codes for that location.

To plan a meeting with someone in another time zone you can click the Home tab and then click Meeting Planner under the Time Zones heading. Select the month, day and year of the meeting. Your location will be entered automatically and you can then type the location of the other participant. Click Show Timetable to continue.

A table appears showing you the corresponding times in the two locations. Cells in the table which are colored green indicate working hours and cells which are yellow are just outside working hours. Orange cells indicate night time. Locate a time in your location that is also a good meeting time for someone in the other location. Elsewhere on you will find other time centric tools such as a stopwatch, an alarm timer and calendars which can be created for other countries to help you identify local holidays and events. QuickTip: You can also go to and simply search for “Time in Sydney”, for example, to look up the current time in any city – click here to see an example: Time in Sydney The time will appear at the top of the Google page.