Get reminders by email is a service that allows you to include one of their special email addresses in an email which will trigger an email reminder on the date or time you have specified. For example if you send an email to you will get a reminder in 5 days.

Before you can start using the service, you need to register on their website, but once you have, this tool is very easy to use and because the reminders are sent by email, you will receive the reminders not only on your computer, but also on your phone if you have your email set up. have a limited free service, or a very affordable premium version.

Go to and enter your email address in the sign-up box on the home page. You will get an email in your inbox with a link to confirm your subscription. Click this link and you will be taken back to the website where you will be asked to set your time zone and also choose a password.

This system uses email addresses to set up reminders. The first part of the email address is the reminder time. Here you can use a length of time, for example 1minute, 2hours, 3 days, 4 weeks, or you can use a specific time, 11am, or date, mar30 as well as a combination of a date and time. The second part is the domain, Refer to for more formats.

To help you easily enter these addresses in an email, will now send you an email with dozens of these combinations in the CC field. If you click the Reply All button and return the email, all these different addresses will be saved in Outlook so when you start typing the number 5, for example, Outlook will suggest the correct email for 5minutes, 5hours, 5days, etc.

The simplest way to use the system is to schedule a reminder for yourself. To do this simply send an email with any notes about the reminder to a email address using the right email address for when you want to the reminder to come in, for example, if you send it to you will receive the reminder at 12pm on August 25th.

Another use for is to “snooze” an email you have received and remind yourself to read it later. To do this, forward the email to the correct email address and at the time you have specified in the email address, will send you an email with the email you snoozed in the body of the email.

If you are sending an email to someone else that requires a reminder, entering a address in the CC field will actually trigger a reminder email for yourself as well the person (or people) you have sent the email to. Or you can enter the address in the BCC field if you don’t want the others to receive follow-ups.

The website has some very helpful articles and examples on how these email reminders can be used in different ways. Refer to and read through that entire page for much more in-depth explanations and examples.

For a small fee of USD2 or USD5 per month, gives you some extra features you may find useful, for example if you have included a reminder for someone else, the system can detect if that person has replied and automatically cancel the reminder. For an overview of what is included in each subscription, go to