How to get Computer Help Remotely

When something goes wrong with your computer or you can’t understand how to do something on it, you’ll often know someone who could help. However, if that person lives elsewhere you might consider the distance between you to be an insurmountable problem. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are web based tools available that let someone anywhere in the world see your screen and even operate your computer. So, even if your helper is half a world away that might be just fine!

We’ll show you how to get TeamViewer up and running and all you need to do is to find a friend or family member who can help.

Visit the TeamViewer website at Click the Download button to download the application to your computer. When Internet Explorer prompts you to Save the file or Run it – click Run.

When the Setup dialog appears, click Basic installation, select Personal/Non-commercial Use and click Accept – finish. Wait as the program installs on your computer. You will then see a two part help screen that shows details of the two main ways you can use TeamViewer – either Remote Control or Meeting. You will be using Remote Control so familiarize yourself with that screen.

When you are done with this help screen click to Close it. The TeamViewer program is now running on your computer. The person who is helping you will also need to install TeamViewer on their computer using exactly the same process as you used. When they have installed the program on their computer and provided you are both connected to the internet you are ready to connect.
The TeamViewer program window shows you two pieces of information that you need to give to the person helping you – your ID and your Password.

At this stage you don’t need to do anything except tell your helper these two numbers. On their computer your helper should enter your ID into the Partner ID box, they should click Remote Control and click Connect to Partner.
When prompted to do so, they should enter your password in the box that appears on their screen. They will then be able to see your screen on their computer.

When the other person connects to your computer the TeamViewer program panel will be replaced by this smaller panel. If you have a microphone and speakers on your computer you can talk to your helper using the internet. Your helper can start the audio connection by clicking the Audio button on their computer – it is an image of a headset in the TeamViewer panel. They should choose Voice over IP and, provided you have your speakers and microphone turned on you will be able to talk to them. If this is not possible or if the voice quality is poor, you can speak to them via a regular phone call as they are helping you.

When you and your helper are finished, close the TeamViewer window on your computer by clicking the Close button in the top right corner. When you do this you will be automatically disconnected so your helper won’t be able to see your screen any longer. In future you can restart TeamViewer and you and your helper or another helper can connect again.