Keep track of Your Fuel Consumption

With the help of this website, you can keep track of your vehicle’s actual fuel economy over time, allowing you to budget more effectively, change your driving habits and as a result, save some money! is a website that allows you to enter a few details each time you fuel up your vehicle, and in return gives you statistics such as your average miles per gallon, the cost of fuel per mile and it also allows you to set handy reminders, such as when your next service is due. In this article we cover only the Fuelly website, although it is available as a phone app as well.

To start using Fuelly, go to and click on the “Join Fuelly” link in the top right hand corner of the website. A registration form will open where you need to enter your details. Near the bottom tick the “I am not a robot” box and then solve the puzzle that pops up to prove you are human!

Once you have signed up, an email will be sent to your email address. Wait for that to arrive, and then click the link in the email to activate your account. The next step is to add your vehicle’s details.

Click the “Add Vehicle” button on the left hand side and enter your vehicle’s details by choosing the options in the drop down list, starting with the vehicle type. When you are asked to choose between tracking by Odometer or Trip Miles, select Odometer. When complete, click the “Add Vehicle” button.

Next time you fuel up, take note of the reading on your odometer and write it down on the top of your receipt. When it’s convenient, log in to Fuelly and click on your vehicle in the left hand panel, and then click “Add a Fuel-Up”. Enter the details of the fuel up from your receipt and when finished, click the “Add Fuel-Up” button.

Once you have entered several fuel-ups, you will have some interesting data about your fuel consumption, including your total spend, your miles per gallon statistics, a log of recent fuel ups and some estimated savings you could achieve by changing your driving habits. Click on the Tips link for some ideas on that!

To add a reminder to change the oil, for example, click the “Add A Reminder” link and enter the details for this reminder. You can set the reminder to trigger based on a mileage or time, and if it is a recurring reminder and you enter 2000 miles for example, the reminder will be sent to your email every 2000 miles.