Make lists with bullet points

Whether you want to create a simple list of items, or emphasise a series of paragraphs or points in a document, adding bullet points to them makes them easier to read, and Word makes it very easy for you.

Bullet points are an excellent way to break down complex information into sections, or clearly define each individual item on a list. The text is indented when bullet points are added. The bullet points can be anything from the default dots or dashes through to symbols or even icons.

Select the text which you would like to add bullet points. Keep in mind that a bullet point will be inserted after each paragraph, or carriage return. Once the text is selected, click on the bullet point drop down list found in the “Paragraph” group on the “Home” tab. Click on the bullet point you want to apply.

Next to the standard bullet point dropdown list is an option for a numbered or lettered list. These are used in the same way. If you want to convert any of your bullet points into sub-bullet points, click on the paragraph and click the “Increase Indent” icon in the Paragraph group on the home tab.

To create your own bullet point style, click on the bullet point dropdown list and select “Define New Bullet”. You can create a bullet using a symbol or an image. For a symbol, click the “Symbol” button and select the symbol you would like to use, then click OK, and OK again to apply it.

To use an image, select the “Picture” button from the “define new bullet” menu, and click on the “Work Offline” button to select an image saved on your laptop. Simple images such as logos or icons with very little detail are best. Because of the size of the bullet, very small details will not be visible. Tip! To add bullet points as you type, apply the bullet point format to the first row. Position your cursor at the end of the first row and press the Enter key to enter a new bullet point. Once you want to return to the normal text format, press the Enter key twice. If you are using sub-bullet points, pressing the Enter key will move you back to the main bullet points, and pressing it a third time will exit the bullet point list.