Microsoft Word: WordArt

Word has a set of tools for creative text effects, such as 3D text, curved text and rotated text, which is an excellent way to enliven your projects.

WordArt text is treated in a similar way to shapes. You can change the fill and outline of the text as well as apply effects such as shadows and glow. The text itself can be moved around just like a shape which makes it great for graphical projects.

In Word, select the Insert tab, and click the WordArt dropdown list. Select one of the WordArt options and a textbox will be inserted ready for you to type in your own text. Having typed your text, you can apply different formats and styles that are available on the Drawings Tools tab which will appear when the WordArt is selected.

Unlike the regular text and fonts, WordArt allows you to have an outline which is a different colour to the text fill. To change the colours, simply use the “Text Fill” and “Text Outline” dropdown menus to select a colour. Select “Weight” from the “Text Outline” dropdown to change the width of the outline.

To apply special effects, such as 3D or curved text, click the “Text Effects” dropdown list and hover over the different options. As you do so, Word will change the WordArt to show you what that effect will look like. The bevel options work best when your text has a fill colour other than white.

Multiple effects may be applied to your WordArt to achieve the desired result. You can also click the “Wrap Text” dropdown list to control how this text will behave around regular text. To fit regular text around the WordArt, select the “Square” option, or for the WordArt to appear behind regular text, as a watermark for example, select the “Behind text” option.