Online Games for the brain!

This article is about online games for adults, such as Sudoku, cross words and other brain teasing games to exercise your brain or simply take a break from the daily grind!

Although studies say memory games aren’t as good as exercise is for the brain, they do suggest the brain needs mental stimulation, which means doing something other than the routine tasks you do each day that don’t take much thinking about. Below are four websites with a range of different games aimed at stirring up the brain.

We recommend Merriam-Webster’s games as they have some online versions of popular games such as Scrabble, cross words and Sudoku. Their website is and if you scroll down the page you will see a complete listing of all their games.

AARP have some interesting games, including an Elephant memory game which involves memorizing a list of words and a Tower of Babel game in which you have to identify words in different languages. Their website is is not really a game website, but rather provides brain teasers and interesting illusions to challenge the brain. has a list of all their games for adults, and the home page has some interesting reading on brain health.

Brain Metrix has a huge list of games, including chess and a very confusing colour game. Some of their games uses Java which may be blocked on your browser and a message displayed asking if you want to unblock it. Their website is