Organize your email

When your email is getting out of control you can organize it into folders so it is easier to find messages when you need them.

All the emails that you receive in Outlook will land in your Inbox. Over time your Inbox can become cluttered with lots of messages and this can make it difficult for you to find what you want when you need it. The solution is to create folders inside Outlook and to move e-mails out of your inbox and into these folders. This process is like organizing your files in a filing system.

To create a folder inside Outlook first open the Mail area and then locate your Inbox folder on the left of the screen. Right click the Inbox and choose New Folder. Type a name for the folder such as Family, Church, Newsletters or something descriptive of the e-mails that you receive and want to organize.

Repeat this process for any other folders that you want to create. When you are done, you will see a series of folders below the Inbox that you can now use to organize your e-mail messages.

Click on the Inbox so you see all the messages in your Inbox. Drag and drop a message from the Inbox into the folder that it should be added to. As you do this the e-mail will be removed from the Inbox and moved to the new folder. In future you can view the emails in a folder by clicking on the folder to open it.

To move multiple e-mails at a time click on the first one to select it and then Ctrl + Click on each additional e-mail to select multiple messages. Now drag and drop these messages into the appropriate folder. Within a very short time you will have your e-mails nicely organized and your Inbox free of clutter.