Outlook Distribution lists

If you have a group of people you email on a regular basis, like parents from the local school or your own family group, rather than type in their email addresses one at a time, a distribution list will save you time and ensure no one gets left out.

Once created, you simply type the name of the distribution list into the address field on your email, and everyone in the group will receive a copy of your email when you send it. If you don’t want those in the group to see who else was copied into the email, you will still need to use the BCC address field.

Go to the People or Contacts section of Outlook and click the “New Contact List” if you are using Office 2010 or later, or go to the File menu and select “New” then “Distribution List” if you are using Office 2007. Type a name to describe this group in the Name box and then click the “Add Members” button to start adding people to the group.

If all or some of the people you want to add are saved as contacts in Outlook, select the “From Outlook contacts” option and simply double click the people you want to add to the group. As you do this, they will be added to the Members box below. You can find particular people by using the Search box at the top of this window. Click OK once finished.

For any people you want to add who aren’t already saved in Outlook, select the “New E-Mail Contact” option from the “Add Members” drop down list and enter their details. This person will be added to those already added in Step 2. Once you have finished, click the “Save & Close” button and the group will be saved to your contacts list.

To send an email to the group, open a new email, and start typing the group’s name in the address field. Select the group from the list of suggestions and it will be inserted into the email. If you click the plus icon next to the group’s name, the email addresses in the group will be displayed, allowing you to remove any from this particular email.