Outlook signatures: Sign Your E-mail in Style

Have you ever noticed the fancy signature lines some people have at the foot of their emails? If you’d like one too – read on…

Adding a signature to the foot of all your emails is a smart way to send important information with every email you write. A signature can include your email and website addresses and it can include other information – in a business situation that may be your phone number or street address.
Microsoft Outlook’s Signature feature lets you create one signature and then automatically add it to the foot of every outgoing e-mail message. Here is how to create your email signature:

In Outlook, choose File > Options > Mail and click the Signatures button. Click the E-mail Signature tab, click New and type a name for your signature and click Ok.

In the Edit Signature box you can type the signature lines that want to add to all of your e-mail messages. We have typed a line of fancy characters, our name, email address and a favorite quote.

In the Choose Default Signature area in the top right of the dialog select your e-mail account. From the New Messages list select this signature as the one to be added to new messages. You can also add it to e-mails as you reply or forward them by selecting this in the Replies/Forwards list too. When you’re done click Ok and then Ok again.

In future, new e-mail messages sent from your account as well as replies and forwards will have the signature automatically added to them. If you occasionally don’t want to include the signature just select it and press Delete to delete it.