Polish Your Typing Skills

Are you a “hunt and peck” typist or can you touch type with confidence? Not all of us learned to type at school and if your typing skills could use some work, then a learn to type program can help. We’ll show you our choice of online typing programs and get you started improving your skills.

This typing program not only helps you learn to type more accurately and faster but it will track your progress so you can see how you are improving.

Start by visiting www.typing.com. You don’t have to sign up but, if you do, the site will keep track of your progress. To sign up click Sign Up Free and type an ID and Password and, if desired, you can enter your email address.

Now you can choose a lesson to work at. The Beginner course takes you from first principles through structured exercises to build your skills. If you’re new to touch typing then start with the first lesson which teaches the Home keys. If you have some proficiency then choose a lesson that interests you.

The onscreen keyboard and fingering chart show the keys to press and the fingers to use. When you complete each exercise you will see your statistics and any problem keys will be noted. Click Save & Continue to move to the next exercise. Once you have completed an entire lesson you earn a trophy.

During any typing exercise you can hide the keyboard and fingering charts by clicking Show/Hide Keyboard Diagram link. If you need to stop in the middle of a lesson, finish the exercise and click to Log Out. The program will remember where you were in a Lesson so you can continue from there next time. Other fun typing options on this site let you test your typing speed and accuracy and play games to hone your skills. Click Test for tests and Games for typing games.