Printing settings

Although most times, simply pressing the print button, selecting the printer and clicking the ok button is good enough to print out a document, but you can change the settings to print particular pages, or save ink by using a lower quality print.

There will be settings that are specific to your printer, for example a colour printer usually has the option to print in black and white, which wouldn’t apply if your printer only prints in black and white. If your printer came with a user manual, it should cover settings specific to your printer, but here are some common ones.

When you print a document, a printer is selected by default. If this isn’t the printer you often use, press the Windows button and type Control Panel, then click the Control Panel icon in the search results to open in. Next, click “Devices and Printers” and a list of your installed printers will be displayed. Right the one you want to set as default and select “Set as default printer”

When printing a document, especially with a colour printer, you may not need a high quality print, which uses a lot of ink. There is usually a “Printer Properties” button or link on the print menu. Click this button then locate the “Print Quality” setting and set it to Draft. Some printers have advanced settings with the option to print in black and white only, or in a grey scale.

If you have a large document and only want to print some of the pages in it, look for the pages setting and enter the page number you want to print. You can specify multiple pages by separating them with a comma, like this: 2,5,7,10, or you can print a range by specifying the first and last page with a hyphen in between, like this: 5-15.

Another setting to save paper is to print multiple pages on a single sheet. Usually two pages per sheet is the most practical because anything more than this will make the print very small. Most programs have a setting for this in the print menu. In Word there is a drop down list at the bottom of the settings page, with several different configurations to choose from.