Quickly Add Text to a Word Document

Do you find yourself typing the same information over and over again? It might be your name and address, the name and address of your church or school group or even a web site address. In fact any piece of text that you type regularly can be created as a special entry called a Quick Part in Microsoft Word. These Quick Parts, once created, can then be inserted in any document any time by just clicking on the Quick Part. You could even make an image or logo a Quick Part so you can add it to a document with a single click.

We’ll step you through the process of creating a Quick Part and then using it in a document.

Begin in a Word document by typing the information that you want to store as a Quick Part – such as your name and address or the name and address of your organization. If you want to make an image into a Quick Part then insert the image into your document.

Select all the text (or select the image) and choose Insert > Quick Parts and then click Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery. You’ll be prompted to type a name for the Quick Part which might be something such as My Name and Address and then make sure that the Gallery is set to Quick Parts gallery. Leave the category set to General and type a brief description of the Quick Part if desired. Leave the other options as they are and click Ok.

The selected text or image is now saved to your Word Quick Part Gallery. You can go ahead now and start a new document. To test your new Quick Part, choose Insert > Quick Parts and find the entry in the Quick Part Gallery. Click it to insert it into the document.

If you make a lot of Quick Part entries they won’t all be visible in the dropdown list. If the one you want to use is not visible, click Insert > Quick Parts > Building Blocks Organizer and you can scroll down the list to find the Quick Part to use, click it and click Insert. If, when closing Word, you are prompted to save the file Building Blocks answer Yes as this is the file in which your building blocks are stored.
If there is Quick Part in the list that you no longer want to use, right click it and choose Organize and Delete and then delete it from the list.