Reminders in Outlook

If you use Outlook for email and organizing your schedule, why not use it to remind you of things you need to remember too.

If you use Outlook for your email, chances are that you have it open as you work so you will see when new emails arrive. If Outlook is open then any reminders that are set in Outlook will be displayed as you work. This makes Outlook a handy tool for ensuring that you don’t forget important tasks such as ordering medicines, paying bills and helping at Church or school events. You simply create these as appointments and Outlook reminds you when they fall due.

To set a reminder for an appointment, go to the Outlook Calendar and click on the appointment to set a reminder for. If you haven’t yet entered the appointment then click in the appropriate date and time in the Calendar and type the appointment details. Double click on the appointment and then from the Appointment tab on the ribbon locate the Options group and the Reminder time dropdown list. From this list select how long before the appointment time that you want to be reminded of it. Then, provided you have Outlook open you will be reminded of the appointment before it occurs.

Any Appointment you create in Outlook can have a reminder attached to it. In this way you will be reminded that the appointment is due. By default this reminder is set to 15 minutes before the appointment time begins but you can change that setting if desired. You might change it, for example, if you need to allow time sufficient time to drive to the appointment.

If you need a regular reminder – such as to order medicines each month, click the Recurrence icon on the Appointment tab. In the Appointment Recurrence dialog you can set the frequency you need to be reminded, such as Monthly on the first day of the month. When you click OK, Outlook creates the regularly recurring appointment for you and you can preview it in your calendar. Each time the appointment occurs you will be reminded of it.