Send Photos Inside your E-Mails

Learn how to send photos inside your e-mail messages when communicating with family and friends.

When you’re sending e-mails to friends and family you’ll often want to include a photo in your e-mail. You can do this very easily in Outlook and we’ll show you how. We’ll also show you how to resize your photos so they are a good size to send.

To start, open Outlook and click New Email to create a new message. Click in the body of the email where the photo is to go and click the Insert tab on the Ribbon. Click Pictures to go to your Pictures folder. Navigate to find the photo to add, click it to select it and click the Insert button. This adds the full size image to your e-mail message.

If your photo has come from a digital camera it is probably very big and will need to be resized. To do this, click on the photo so that the handles appear around it. Drag on any one of the corner handles to resize the image so it fits inside the email message window.

At this point you can repeat the process to add another image and resize it. Once you have added and resized the photos, you will need to compress them so they are ready to send. Click on a photo then click Pictures Tools > Format tab and click the Compress Pictures button in the Adjust area.

Deselect Apply Only To This Picture checkbox and set the target output to E-mail (96 ppi): Minimize document size for sharing and click Ok. Complete the remainder of the e-mail message and click Send to send it.