Setting up a New Windows Account

When you share a computer with family members you may want to give them a login of their own. They can then have their own area to store their files in and their own access to programs like Word and Outlook.

It’s easy to add a new account using the tools built into Microsoft Windows and we’ll show you how to do this:

Click the Start button and choose Control Panel > User Accounts. In some versions of Windows you will need to select Add or remove user accounts from the User Accounts and Family Safety group. For Windows 8, press the Start Button and then type “Control Panel” .

Click Create a New Account – in some versions of Windows you will need to select Manage Another Account first. When the Create New Account screen opens, type the name for the account. It can be the person’s first name or their full name or even their nickname.

Choose the type of account – typically for children you should choose Standard User as this will offer some protection from viruses and malware as it has limited privileges. Click Create Account.

The new account will appear in the accounts screen and it will appear on the login screen when you start the computer in future. The first time you log in using the new account Windows will go ahead and create all the files and folders for the new user. Once this is done the account is ready for use.