Share Files Safely with Others

When you need to share a document such as a Word file or an Excel worksheet with someone, you want them to be able to view the file. In many cases, if you share a file created using a program like Word, PowerPoint or Excel the person receiving the file will need to have that program or a program that can read that program’s file formats to be able to see what you are sending them.

If they don’t have the program or if you are unsure if they have it or not, you can send them the file in a more accessible format such as PDF (Portable Document Format). PDF files can be read by anyone using the free Adobe Reader software which can be downloaded and installed free. Sharing a file in PDF format also protects your information – for example, an Excel file shared in PDF format will not display formulas and PDF files cannot be easily modified. So if you need to share files with other people, consider using the PDF format to do so. Here’s how to save a document as a PDF from Word and Excel:

The most recent versions of programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher all have the option to save to pdf built into them. Once you have finished working on your document save it as normal as you will need the original file if you ever need to make changes to it – you can’t edit the PDF version.

To save your file as a PDF file for sharing, choose File > Save As and from the Save As type dropdown list choose PDF (*.pdf). Some programs may have a Save as PDF option on the File menu and, if so, select that instead.quote.

Type a name for your PDF file and select a location to save it into. If you’re unsure where to put the file, My Documents is a good place. In most cases the entire document will be saved automatically as a PDF file. One exception is Excel where only the current sheet is saved unless you click the Options button and select Entire Workbook to save.

If desired, click the Open file after publishing option. Then, when you are done, click Save to save the document as a PDF file. If you selected to open the PDF file it will now open in the Adobe Reader software so you can see how it looks. This is what the recipient will see when you send it to them and they open it.